Day 6

As of now, I feel like I’m getting in the groove especially doing the combination of the Solidity UDEMY course and the Tutorials Point site.

One thing the creator (Ravinder Deol) mentioned in the video (#38) today was that once you understand Mapping and Structs (and everything up until what was covered), you should be able to understand and break down any (I’ll read that as ‘most’) Solidity smart contract.

That made me feel pretty good, because it feels like a long journey as of this point in time. What I’ll probably end up doing is putting that to the test. I’ll find and print out a bunch of smart contracts from the web (github has a lot) and just try to understand what’s going on.

Since it’s only 12:11 PM as I type this, and I’m about to study some more.

And also as of this moment, I just had the idea of buying one or two more Solidity courses on Udemy along with one or two Solidity Youtube tutorials and then following them along up to my current understanding. Because at this point, if I run across someone who has a teaching style that works better for me, I’ll just start to follow their approach exclusively. I believe a ‘good teacher’ or one that matches best with how you learn can be a huge time saver.

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