Day 7

Major breakthrough today.

One thing that I don’t think I mentioned is that for the past 3 days I’ve been hunting like a mad man for just ONE screenshot software that would allow me to capture a part of the video so that I could take notes directly on the image.
That’s all I wanted to do. I didn’t think I was asking for a lot. 🙂

You see, if I were to attempt to do a screenshot of a Youtube video, it works great.

Solidity Tutorial Video (

However, if I were to try that with a video from a Udemy course, something interesting happens. Basically, the moment the screen capture tool is prepared to capture the screen, the Udemy’s video screen just instantly turns black.
Suuuuuper frustrating!

I spent 3 or 4 days trying to find just ONE screen capture tool that would allow me to capture the screen without it going blank and no luck. After the 7th free tool, I considered a paid one, until I just assumed that Udemy’s video technology just doesn’t allow for screen captures.

As an avid note taker, it was beyond frustrating. But, I gave up and just decided to write things down on paper.

I did this for a day.

Then, the next day it hit me! It was like a huge ‘duh’ moment. I figured, I’ll use my Galaxy Tablet to take a picture of the computer screen.

I’m not going lie, there was a brief moment when I thought the Udemy screen would go blank seconds before I took a physical picture.

But it didn’t. And since the tablet has a stylus, I could just write the notes on picture that I took. And even though it’s not as clean as a screen capture, it’s good enough. And that’s what I done. See the beautiful work for yourself below.

Also, I abandoned the plan of buying 2-3 extra courses as I mentioned earlier.

After the second one, doing two courses at once – along with seem to be perfect!

At this point, I feel like I should be pretty proficient in Solidity by August 30th (that’s the new Goal!)


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