Day 13: Udemy Course #3

Ok so today I started a new Udemy course. This is the third one (Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide – By Stephen Grider) and so far I like it the most.

I went through the first seven modules. Once I realized it was just a review of info I learned from other courses, I skipped to Module 20 which was the first module were Solidity code was discussed. And while the instructions were elementary for me, I decided to just use this as the starting point to get a sense of his teaching style, which again, I’m impressed with.

With that in mind, I will say that each instructor brings a new flavor. I would highly suggest going through each Udemy course. All three have been great. And I haven’t experienced one that I considered to be a waste of time.

Getting back to Course #3, today I made it up to Module 30.

Also, I’ll mentioned that a few days ago, I watched a YouTube Video were this guy talked about what he recommends learning to be a Solidity programmer and I found it to be insightful.

He suggested that you should:

Step 1: Learn basic web development such as: HTML, CSS, Javascript and then ReactJS.

Then, learn Solidity from books, Udemy courses (I strongly recommend!) and Youtube.

With that in mind, my plan is to learn the above (from Step 1) after I learn Solidity.

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